Miley’s First Camping Trip

Today begins our first recap from our 2019 camping season. But before we dive into it, we have someone we’d like to introduce to you…

Meet the newest member of our family, Miley!

No, she is not named after that Miley. There were a few names in the running for her but ultimately we decided on the female version of Miles as we hoped she would be a good camping dog therefore traveling lots of miles with us.

We adopted Miley on January 6, 2019. She is a boxer/terrier mix who has been an absolute dream dog for our family! She loves to go for walks, snuggle, play, and just be with her people.

In March, we headed to Promised Land State Park in Pennsylvania with Miley to see what kind of camping dog she was going to be. We decided to leave the boys at home so we could solely focus on Miley.

Promised Land State Park is located in the Poconos and is mostly surrounded by the Delaware State Forest. There are five options for overnight accommodations including four campgrounds and a rustic cabin colony. We stayed at Pickerel Point Campground which is on a peninsula on the southern end of Promised Land Lake. The campground was recently renovated and re-opened in 2012.

We arrived, set the campsite up, and went for a walk to check out the campground a bit. It was pretty quiet as there was only a handful of campers there as well as a few occupied cabins. Apparently nobody likes camping while there is snow on the ground.

Camping in March is cold, so we opted to hang out inside this evening. Look at Miley making herself right at home : ) The next morning, we took a walk to check out Promised Lake.

Then we hopped in the truck and drove over to the Little Falls trailhead. Miley made herself “comfortable” along the boys’ carseats in the back.

Miley loved the hike! Afterwards, we headed back to the camper and relaxed for a little bit before going for another walk!

Isn’t she so cute? This time, we took a walk to check out the day use area. We found the beach access and the playground. We think the boys would approve of this campground!

Chris made a fire for us to warm up by, but we let it die out early and ended up back inside for the majority of the evening.

The next morning, we packed up the camper and headed home to our boys. It was a short and sweet trip, and Miley did amazing! She traveled so well in the truck, made herself right at home in the camper, and loved being outside and going on walks with us. She was the perfect camping dog, just as we hoped she would be!

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