A Look Back: Cayuga Lake 2015

I feel like a like a little background information is needed to understand this first camping trip… Our family (Chris’s parents…) has a hay farm and enjoy going to farm shows. Chris and his dad wanted to go to the Empire Farm Days show and they decided it would be a good opportunity to use the camper while both of them were there to learn the ins
and out.

So in August 2015 Wynn, Chris, Carter and I headed to Cayuga Lake State Park in Seneca Falls, New York to attend Empire Farm Days while Judy stayed home with Benjamin and Jackson.

We spent the days at the farm show doing all the farm things including sitting on as many tractors as possible.

Carter was photographed by a local newspaper, The Citizen. I looked up the article up when we got home to save the memory.

After our days at the farm show, we came back to the campground to enjoy the beautiful park and check out the playground.

Carter and I went to the lake one evening while Daddy made us all dinner.

It was a great first camping trip and we were very excited to bring the twins with us on our next trip.

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