A Look Back: New Bern 2015

In October 2015, we took our first big camping trip to North Carolina. Chris’s brother, Mike, lives in Durham and has a sailboat he keeps at a marina in New Bern. We decided to take a trip down to visit with Mike and do some sailing. Chris’s mom, Judy, flew down to North Carolina to visit at the same time. Carter went with her so she didn’t have to travel by herself while Chris, Benjamin, Jackson and I drove down with the camper.

We stopped and stayed at Greenbrier State Park in Maryland to break up our trip. We loved this park! (Spoiler alert: We return there as destination trip a year later.)

The next morning, we said goodbye to Greenbrier and headed down to North Carolina. We stayed at the New Bern KOA, which wasn’t our favorite but was close to the marina for daily travel back and forth.

We all went sailing the first day and it was the first and last Ben & Jack went on the boat this trip… They complained a little bit too much.

Becky, one of my girlfriends from high school, lives in North Carolina and came to camp with us for a few nights. My boys (especially Carter!) love Becky!

Chris, Carter, Judy, and Mike sailed into New Bern while Becky and I hung out at the campsite with Benjamin and Jackson.

When they got back. Mike took Chris, Becky and I out in the sailboat while Judy stayed at the campground with the twins.

We also checked out the playground, of course!

It was our longest camping trip yet and we had a great time. It was a great way to wrap up our first year of camping. We were looking forward to a full season of camping in 2016.

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