A Look Back: Cayuga Lake 2016

In August, we headed back up to Cayuga Lake State Park to go to Empire Farm Days again. This time, we brought Benjamin and Jackson with us. Since the five of us were all going this year, Wynn stayed at a separate campsite and tent camped. We arrived on Monday, got the camper set up and headed to the lake area! Ben and Jack played on the beach while Carter opted to stay on the playground.

On Tuesday, we all headed to Empire Farm Days where the boys proceeded to sit on as many tractors and equipment as they could!

Carter was the first one in line to do the kiddie tractor pull and he got to test it out for them a few times.

And we also visited the animals!

After a long day at the show, we went back to the campground and the kids played on the playground.

We headed back to Empire Farm Days the next morning and sat on some more tractors:


We headed to the lake one more time when we got back the campground.

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