Spring Break 2018: North Carolina, Part 1

Oh my! I have been slacking on keeping the blog up to date on our camping adventures! Guess it’s time to play a little catch up….

If you missed the first part of our spring break trip, you can catch up here: Shenandoah, Part 1 | Shenandoah, Part 2

We arrived at Rolling View Campground in Falls River State Recreation Area around 4:30 pm. We set up the camper, the boys rode their bikes around the loop, and we headed over to check out the playground. Hooray for campgrounds with playgrounds!

We stayed at the campground on Wednesday morning. We finally had some nice weather so it was wonderful to spend time outside. We took a walk to check out the fishing pier and went back to the playground and played wiffle ball.

Mike came to the campground around lunchtime so we ate lunch and played around the campsite for a little bit. The boys were asking to go see Uncle Mike’s house so we drove over to check it out. He lives close to Duke Park, so we took a walk over to let the boys play. It was an awesome playground. I’ve never seen slides so along before. All three boys went down without hesitation.

We headed back to his house just in time to greet Wynn and Judy when they arrived. We had pizza for dinner and the boys asked Uncle Eric to draw a bunch of things for them. We went back to the campground and had a fire and s’mores before tucking the boys in for the night.

We woke up to beautiful weather on Thursday morning, so the boys ate breakfast outside.

Carter has been asking to try tent camping, so we brought a tent with us to set up and let him try out this trip. The boys helped Chris set it up so it was all ready for them to camp out later that night. I didn’t remember to take a picture of it all set up, so this is the best I have:

While they were busy setting up the tent, I was inside making lunches to bring with us on our next adventure.

Since we weren’t going to be sailing on this trip, we thought it would be fun to rent a pontoon boat. Chris found two companies who did it in the area and we ended up renting from Lake Time Boat Rental. They weren’t open for the season yet, but they went ahead and got a boat ready for us anyway. They delivered the pontoon to the boat launch in the campground which was super convenient. We loaded ourselves and our stuff on the pontoon and we were on our way! The boys all got a turn to drive with Uncle Mike, which they loved.

We anchored and had lunch and after lunch we stopped at the Marina for some ice cream.

After we finished our ice cream, we headed back to the marina and said goodbye to the pontoon boat. We all headed back to the campsite for dinner, s’mores and some live music courtesy of Mike!

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