Great Lakes Trip 2018: Lake Huron

If you missed the first two parts of our Great Lakes camping trip, you can catch up on our stay near Lake Ontario here and Lake Erie here.

* * *

On Tuesday morning, we said goodbye to Lake Erie and Maumee Bay State Park and made our way to Harrisville State Park, one of Michigan’s oldest state parks. Harrisville State Park has 107 heavily wooded acres with 226 campsites. There are many waterfront sites but unfortunately we were unable to get one with a view of Lake Huron.

We arrived at Harrisville State Park around 4 pm. Our campsite was nice and luckily we didn’t have a neighbor on our outdoor living area side.

After setting up the campsite, we took a walk to check out the beaches. Harrisville State Park has two beach access points, both of which were within walking distance from our campsite.


We didn’t bring any sand toys with us, but that didn’t stop the boys from digging in the sand. After they played for a bit, we walked over to check out the second beach. The path to get to this beach was across from our campsite which was super convenient. This beach was a bit quieter and had a slide!


Back at the campsite, we had dinner and ended our first night in Michigan relaxing around the campfire. We fell in love with Michigan’s fire rings!

The next morning was overcast so we decided to drive into the “resort town” of Harrisville to run some errands and wait for the sun to come out later. Spoiler alert, Harrisville is not a resort town… There’s not much there! But there was a laundry mat and a grocery store, both of which we needed! After grocery shopping, we found the post office and mailed a few postcards to family and friends back home.


We still had some time to kill while we waited for our laundry to be done, so we walked around Harrisville for a bit. I was hoping to find a coffee shop but no such luck. We walked down to a little park by the water and watched the ducks.

After errands, we went back to the camper for lunch and get ready to go to the beach. We decided to go to the beach with the slide for our Lake Huron beach day. We packed up all our gear in the wagon — towels, tent, blanket, chairs, sand toys — and walked to the beach!

Lake Huron was more beautiful than Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, in my opinion! The water was so clear! The boys had a blast swimming in the lake. Even Chris went for a swim! Chris and Carter threw the football and we all spent a good amount time playing in the sand.

After a few hours of fun, we packed it all up and headed back to the campground. We changed out of our bathing suits and went for a run and bike ride — Chris and I ran while the boys rode their bikes — on the Heritage Route Multi Use Trail, which connects the campground to the town of Harrisville. Afterwards, we headed to the ballfield area to play some wiffle ball.

After quite a busy day, we ended our night with a campfire and celebrated our last night in lower Michigan with s’mores.


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