A Look Back: New Bern 2017

For Spring Break in April, we all headed back down to North Carolina to visit Mike and do some sailing. Judy and Wynn drove down so it was a full family vacation this year!

We left New York on Thursday afternoon and stayed overnight at Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pennsylvania. The next morning, we left for New Bern. We were originally planning to stay at the New Bern KOA again, but they were unable to give us a site we thought we would enjoy, so we cancelled our reservation there and booked a site at Flanners Beach Campground.

Flanners Beach Campground is also in New Bern but it’s on the opposite side of the Neuse River, so was a little bit more of a drive back and forth.

The campsite we booked was a double campsite and it was AMAZING. There was so much space for the kids to play and enough room for all of our guests to eat dinner together and hang around the campfire at night. We were also right next to the campground trail that leads to the beach and the boys could ride loops around the campsite and trail without really leaving our sight (or site!).

Soon after we set up camp, Wynn, Judy, and Mike brought pizza and we ate together at the campground. After dinner, we took a walk/bike ride to check out the beach. We got there just in time to see the most amazing sunset. We finished the evening with a campfire.

Saturday morning, Mike took us sailing and the boys took turns steering the wheel. When we got back to the marina, Judy and Wynn were there and we took a family picture before we went back to the campground and they headed out to sea.

Back at the campground, Chris and Carter threw the football for a bit before heading back to the marina to go sailing with everyone again. I read while Ben and Jack napped. When they woke up, they took a little bike ride and we played on the beach. Everyone came back over to the campsite after sailing for dinner and a campfire. Mike brought his violin and provided us with some campfire songs!

The next day, the boys went for a bike ride while I went for a run and we met at the beach after.

That afternoon, Wynn and Judy watched Ben and Jack while Chris, Carter, and I went sailing with Mike. We sailed to New Bern and waved to them while we passed by. It was pretty windy — which makes for good sailing, obviously — and Carter got scared we were going to tip over a few times. We didn’t though!

On Monday, the boys played around the campsite while Chris and I packed up the camper. We were sad to be leaving New Bern because we loved it so much, but we were very excited to head straight to our final spring break destination!

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