A Look Back: Acadia National Park, 2017 | Day 3

Saturday was Bar Harbor Day! We took the ferry from Winter Harbor over to Bar Harbor. We had planned to take the Bar Harbor Ferry, but we got there early and the Schoodic Ferry was still there, so we climbed aboard. It turned out to be a really cool ferry ride. We were the only passengers and the staff was super friendly. This ferry’s staff consisted of scientists who were researching for the College of the Atlantic. I can’t remember what in particular they were studying, but they were fascinating to talk to and the boys learned all sorts of fun stuff. They also had tons of wildlife books that the boys enjoyed looking at. While on the ferry, we were fortunate to see two bald eagles and a bunch of Harbor porpoises. 

The downside of this ferry is that is sails into the College of the Atlantic, rather than right into Bar Harbor and we had to walk into town.

Once we made it into Bar Harbor, we walked around town, stopping in all the cute touristy shops (my favorite!) to grab some souvenirs. Chris, Ben and Jack got hats while Carter picked out a new pair of sunglasses. All three boys got sweatshirts, and I was in a mug kick and brought home two new coffee mugs. We had lunch at The Fish House Grill, per my grandmother’s recommendation, and it was delicious! After dinner, we went for a short walk along the Shore Path. We had ice cream at CJ’s Big Dipper before hopping on the ferry back to Winter Harbor.

We ended the evening our favorite way — with a campfire.

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