A Look Back: Acadia National Park, 2017 | Day 4

On Sunday, Chris and Carter hiked around Jordan Pond to South Bubble Mountain where they found Bubble Rock! Bubble Rock is a huge boulder that was moved to this cliff edge by ancient glaciers. They hiked up to the summit of South Bubble which led to picturesque views of Jordan Pond.

While the big guys were out hiking, the little guys and I were relaxing at Sand Beach! We lucked out with a beautiful day to play on the beach.

After the boys’ hike, they picked us up from the beach and we checked out Thunder Hole. Thunder Hole is a natural rock inlet where waves crash with a thunderous boom and high-flying foam when seas are high.

On the drive back to Schoodic Woods, we stopped at a playground for the boys to have some fun. One of the (very few) negatives about Schoodic Woods Campground is the lack of playground.

Once we got back in the Schoodic District, I made Chris pull over so we could be touristy and take pictures with the Acadia National Park sign.

Since it was our last night staying at Schoodic Woods Campground, we decided to drive the Schoodic Loop again. We drove it earlier in our trip but it was too foggy to see much. The Schoodic Loop is a six mile one way road with vehicle pull-offs to get out an enjoy the scenery.

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