Great Lakes Trip 2018: Lake Michigan

Please Note: It’s been almost a year and a half since we took this trip, so I apologize in advance for the lack of details. I will probably let the photos do most of the work 😉

If you missed the first four recaps of our Great Lake Trip, you can catch up here:

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* * *

Last up on our tour of the Great Lakes is Lake Michigan! We left Muskallonge Lake State Park on Saturay morning and arrived at Point Beach State Forest in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The Point Beach State Forest is located along 6 miles of the Lake Michigan coast. The Point Beach Ridges, located within the forest, are a National Natural Landmark.


There are 127 sites in the campground in Point Beach State Forest, 70 of them with electricity. All of the sites are within walking distance of Lake Michigan but none of the sites offer a view of the lake due to the high sand dunes.

point beach state forest

We arrived around 3 pm, set up the camper, and then hopped on our bikes to explore! We visited both of the campgrounds beaches and decided which one to spend our Lake Michigan beach day at the following day.

After exploring, we went back to the campsite for dinner and s’mores!

The next morning, we packed up all our gear and headed to the beach! We spent the morning swimming in Lake Michigan and playing in the sand.

After lunch, we went for a five mile bike ride on Ridges Trail. (Point Beach State Forest has lots of trail milage — 11 miles of hiking and ski trails, 4 miles of surfaced biking trails, 4 miles of mountain bike trails, and 3 miles of snowmobile trails!).

We went out to eat in the evening at a restaurant overlooking Lake Michigan and ended the night with ice cream at Dairy Queen! I apparently didnt’ take pictures of either of these activities though!

The next morning, we packed up our camper and said goodbye to Point Beach State Forest and Lake Michigan.We were pretty bummed that this concluded our tour of the Great Lakes as we’d been looking forward to this trip for awhile.

Our trip wasn’t over yet though! We had one more pretty fun thing planned that the boys were really looking forward to before we started heading home.

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